Be Heard, Engage Your Audience! The Importance of Social Media in the 21st Century

Take advantage of this powerful, yet economical tool

The Digital Age is upon us, and if your business’ online presence isn’t very ‘present,’ well…you may want to rethink it. There are several social media networks in existence today that provide their users with a free platform to establish and engage their audience. The larger platforms even allow businesses to invest in sponsored ads to capture a broader audience. These platforms, coupled with analytics to monitor your ROI, can become a springboard from which your business can ascend.

Your Customers Are On There

The customers you have and the customers you would like to have are all on social media. That person driving the car next to you that keeps swerving into your lane while on the freeway doing 80+ miles per hour…yep, they are on social media too (at this very moment). Social media users are ubiquitous. It’s time to get on the bandwagon. According to CNN, Facebook has close to 2 billion users as of February 2017. Another behemoth in the social media arena is Instagram with a reported active user count of 800 million, with 25 million of those users being business accounts. LinkedIn boasts an impressive 467 million users, with a noteworthy growth rate of about 10 million new users per quarter.

A Wealth of Free Information

Do you ever wonder what your friends had for breakfast? Well, okay, we don’t either…but it’s all on there. Users tend to post a lot of information on their lifestyle, habits, and interests. Professionals can mine massive amounts of data and analyze common trends with very little time or effort required. Thanks to social media, we know where our friends like to spend their free time, we know what foods they eat, their taste in music/movies, the list goes on and on.
How about your competitors? What new products and services are they offering? How are their customers responding to them? Maybe they are having service issues, or the last major product release flopped? The answers are there, and it doesn’t take much to find them. Gain the knowledge, and gain a competitive advantage.

Greater Returns on Investment

Social Media Examiner recently studied an excess of 5,000 businesses to produce an accurate portrait of the effectiveness of social media in the marketplace today. A staggering 89% of companies reported that social media had increased their exposure significantly. Developing a loyal fan base is a recipe for success, as repeat customers tend to generate the greatest returns; 68% of businesses reported that social media had assisted them in developing loyal customers. Finally, 66% of businesses are saying using social media as a means of gaining market intelligence. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, are your profiles up yet?

Where Do You Start? We Got Your Back!

At Fox Hunt Digital, we understand that your focus is on maintaining the quality of your products and services. Business owners have enough to worry about, without the added stress of learning how to use a bunch of new tools. We take the guesswork out of the equation and provide you with solid results. We successfully create and manage profiles and content. To add substance to your profiles, we generate blogs and surveys designed to expand and engage your audience. Your customers will know that you care about them, and take their feedback seriously. For more information, visit, or simply respond to this post and we will be in touch.



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