Why Your Tech Company Needs a Blog

You’ve probably heard countless marketing professionals tell you that you need a blog for your business, but they never say why.  You’re an IT company who creates the best software around, you say, or you provide the best of the best business solutions.  Sometimes saying it and having a snazzy website isn’t enough.  Your customer needs to know why you are the leader in your industry.

Most IT professionals are not exactly the most eloquent writers.

Let’s face it!  They are really good at developing code but not telling a story that will grab a reader’s attention.

Before brushing the idea of blogs off completely, here are some reasons why your tech company will benefit from investing in some additional content for your website.

  1.  Your tech company becomes the authority

    Who knows accounting software, networking, or coding better than you.  No one.  At least that’s what you tell your customers.  You want to be the leader in your industry.  The best way is to have a blog on your website that will make you the go-to company whenever someone has a question.

    According to Google, there are over 100,000,000,000 Google searches per month.  That means people are searching for answers.  What better way to get them to your website than being the tech company with the right answers.  The more useful information you have on your site, the more likely a customer will trust you as the authority and are likely to buy.

  2. Each post will rank on search engines

    Search engines like Google like to see you that your tech company is still breathing and your website is consistently updated.  An excellent way to do that is by posting a blog at least every two weeks.  The more content you have will also improve your chances of being found.

    Also, if you backlink to other blogs within your site, it will keep the customer entertained for much longer which also improves your rankings.  If you have a six-page website but added a blog post a few times a month, you increase your chances of being found by five times.

  3. Send your readers to products on your site

    Since you are already the authority in your field because of your blogs, use this opportunity to send readers to your product pages.  You are already solving their problems by providing innovative content so take the opportunity to sell them a solution to their problem.

    Keep in mind; you don’t want to scare them away by heavily backlinking your products. You want to ease the topic in like you would asking your parents for money. Leave the heavy selling to your sales team.

  4. Build your email list

    Building your email list is definitely a buzz phrase, but you’ve been wondering how to improve your customer base to keep them intrigued.  One great way is to have them opt into a weekly newsletter that contains your blog.

    According to thedma.org, “When it comes to purchases made as a result of receiving a marketing message, email has the highest conversion rate (66%), when compared to social, direct mail and more.”  Because your customer already chose to receive your blog by opting into your email list, they are likely to open the emails you send.  This increases conversion which will improve your sales.

  5. SEO, keywords, and all that jazz

    You know to improve your rankings, you need SEO.  Sometimes your web pages aren’t enough.  If you want to have ten keywords, that means the content on your web page will be really long or not enjoyable.  Too many keywords look forced.

    But how do you get those keywords on your website?

    With a blog, of course, since you are not limited to a number of blogs you can write and the different keywords that are used within each blog, you will have a wider range of keywords and long tail keywords across a range of posts, giving you more chances to rank high on search engines.

Blogs are an incredible tool to get customers to your website without seeming all salesy.  You are the authority in your field, why don’t you show your potential customer what you got.

For assistance creating content your customers can’t put down, contact the team at Fox Hunt Digital.  We will create a plan that best suits you and your company’s needs.


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