Whiteboard Videos Explained

Whiteboard videos are now being used as explainer videos for start ups to pitch to potential investors.  Since the process to create the video is so inexpensive they are used in a whole slew of industries.

We’re sure you’ve seen them.  Many whiteboard videos have become viral, and you probably shared some with your friends.  Here’s an example of what they look like:

There are several reasons why these types of videos are so popular including their nostalgic appeal to our inner child.

Whiteboard videos are inexpensive

Especially when compared to video production.  There are a lot of nuts and bolts when it comes to a full-scale video for your company.  You have to consider the camera crew, editing, music rights, drones, and time.  Your business will end up with a bill of over $5000 for a 90-second clip especially if you’re dealing with a group who prides themselves on quality.

A whiteboard video costs just a fraction of what a video production company will charge.  There are a lot of fewer details involved, and they can be delivered in less time.  No need to bombard your staff to dress up for filming, the animation takes characters who would be in your office and brings them to life.

Whiteboard videos will go viral

Video is the future of social media.  Your friends are sharing YouTube videos this very second.  Why not share a video about your company and their goals?

Sharing a link to your video will give your potential client or CEO an idea of your end goal without having to sit through a Powerpoint presentation.  Whiteboard videos do not discriminate among viewers due to its simplicity and mass appeal.  There’s something about a person writing on a whiteboard that brings us back to grammar school.

One study, conducted by Carla Clark, a Neuroscientist and Ph.D., which compared 1,000 whiteboard viewers and 1,000 talking head viewers (of mixed ages 22 to 65+), found that whiteboard viewers were three times more likely to share the video on social media and were twice as likely to both recommend and buy the service, as well as to recall the facts and message being delivered.

We’ve got the science to back it up

According to an article by Psychology Today, videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text.  Most people are visual learners.  What better way to get something to stick than showing them a video on how it works.  Your audience is more likely to retain information from a whiteboard video than reading a book.

People are already trained to learn from a whiteboard, so their innate understanding is that anything drawn on a board has some sort of importance.  It was like we were trained for whiteboard videos since we were kids.

Whiteboard videos are a great addition to any marketing strategy.  You are not restricted to the number of actors or locations.  You can create a video that matches your brand’s message, and it is much less than a full video production.  The message is the same but even better because it appeals to the masses and the price tag is not too shabby either.

To get your project started today, contact the team at Fox Hunt Digital.  We have the expertise to make your whiteboard video viral.

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